Considered Creative

Victoria Art Gallery


Augmented reality mobile app

When we heard about the Victoria Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition “Here be Dragons” featuring a collection of dragon artwork from some of the biggest names in children’s literature we presented the concept of a dragon egg hunt around the City of Bath to promote it.

The “Where be Dragons” dragon egg hunt we created uses a Pokemon Go-style augmented reality mobile app to guide users around Bath to find the virtual 3D dragon eggs and enter a competition. The app was created for both iOS and Android platforms.

Users follow a trusty compass which utilises a combination of their device’s GPS and in-built compass hardware. It shows them how far away each egg is, and which direction to head in. It is then up to them to find one of eight posters in shop windows around Bath City Centre.

Considered Creative came up with the concept and managed this entire project for us. They worked tirelessly to ensure the content was engaging and the project kept to time. They went above and beyond and even contacted artists on our behalf to obtain copyright to use their images on the renders for the app. They are absolutely fantastic to work with and really make our projects so easy for us. I cannot recommend them enough. Rebecca Clay – Heritage Marketing Manager

When a user finds a poster, they point their camera at it and a 3D dragon egg appears, each drawn in the style of one of the exhibiting illustrators.

Each of the eight 3D dragon eggs has a golden letter printed on it which, when they have all been collected, form an anagram puzzle which the user needs to solve in order to enter a prize draw to win an exclusive dragon goody bag with signed books, toys and games.