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Roman Baths


Point & click adventure game

We were asked to produce an online game to support the Roman Baths’ promotional video “Where’s my cloak” which follows one of their costumed characters trying to find out what happened to his cloak.

The game needed to integrate into their new kids’ mobile app, and also work responsively on their website. What a modest budget and timescales in which to produce the game, we chose to create a point-and-click adventure game reminiscent of the Lucas Arts game titles. This type of gameplay works well in browsers and on touchscreen devices, and the retro pixel-art style also keeps file sizes and load times to a minimum.

Considered Creative worked tirelessly to ensure the project kept to time. They are absolutely fantastic to work with and really make our projects so easy for us. I cannot recommend them enough. Rebecca Clay – Heritage Marketing Manager

We produced the game in its entirety, from concept through to script-writing, illustration and programming. It was written entirely in HTML and Javascript to provide the widest range of cross-browser compatibility.

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