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Interface were the inventors of the world’s first ever carpet tile, and are one of the leading progressive companies in the world when it comes to environmental sustainability. We are proud to have been their primary digital partner across Europe and globally over the past decade.

We have worked with them on hundreds of global and pan-European campaigns, product launches and other B2B projects in multiple languages. Below is a small selection of some of the projects we have collaborated on.


Created in multiple languages, many of the product launches had microsites as their central focus online due to technical issues with the main Interface website at the time.


Microsfera has the lowest carbon footprint of any carpet tile in the world, ever.

This may not sound like a big deal, but if you magnify this across thousands of square metres, the impact can be incredible.

To promote Interface‘s latest product we were asked to create a microsite and promotional infographic-style animation to communicate the years of collaborative research, and sustainability of the product in a succinct and easily-digestible way.

From script to storyboards, and then the completed animation in 4 European languages, we handled the whole design process. We then designed and produced the microsite in 9 languages.

Email marketing

This was the area that we initially worked with Interface on, before becoming involved in other areas of their digital marketing.

We designed and developed flexible HTML email templates that give them varying levels of flexibility and maintain their creative integrity, even on older email clients.


We have produced a number of infographics for Interface across many departments and local regions.