Considered Creative

Dress and Textile Agency


We were approached by the Dress and Textile Agency to redevelop their website to make it more user-friendly and also provide a back-end syetem to take some of the heavy-lifting out of their member-management administration.

The new website not only provides a smart, easy-to-use introduction to the organisation, behind the scenes members can now apply for membership, manage multiple subscriptions and access exclusive member-only content on the site.

It has been great working with Emma and Tom on the new website for DATS. We went with Considered Creative partly for aesthetic reasons – we really liked the design of their projects – and also because it was clear from the first conversation that we could establish a good working relationship.

CC did not disappoint on these points and it also became clear that they know what they’re doing with regards to the backend/technical side of things, such as coming up with ideas for how the website can help us manage and engage our membership.

We are very happy with our site, both with how it looks and how it works behind the scenes. What could have been a stressful project was actually fun to work on!
Beatrice Behlan – Senior Curator