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We have been creating interactive games for the Wildlife Trusts for many years, mostly for use on the web.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust approached us to create a suite of educational and engaging games that would run on a touchscreen tablet as a part of their interactive Bubble Booth at the Living Seas Centre.



The games run from a central menu system that allows them to add more in the future, and the games themselves are a mix of quizzes, animal surveys and one that helps to educate children about the delicate balance behind lobster and crab fishing.

“Crab spotting” is a variation on “Stargazing” which was originally created for the Devon Wildlife Trust. We often find that other Wildlife Trusts around the country are happy to share the games with each other in the interest of education.

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We have been very impressed with the creativity and expertise of Considered Creative. We would definitely work with them again and hope to develop similar projects in the future.
David Ireland Wildlife Trusts UK

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