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We have created a variety of digital projects for B2B companies around the world, but it’s not very often that you are truly, and deeply inspired by the ethos and determination behind them.

Net-Works, a collaborative project between Interface and ZSL (The Zoological Society of London), is a programme that really is making a difference.
In a nutshell, the programme engages fishing communities in the Philippines to help them collect discarded fishing nets from the seas around Danajon Bank (a rare double barrier coral reef). The nets are then baled and shipped to a recycling plant in Slovenia who turn them into Nylon yarn which can be used to create carpet tile.
This process removes the nets from the fragile ocean ecosystem, but also provides the villagers with an additional income, making a sustainable and global inclusive business model.

We are proud to have been tasked with creating the multi-lingual, global website for the programme, along with infographics and additional creative assets.

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Choosing to work with Considered when designing and defining the digital platform for our Net-Works programme was one of the best decisions we could have made.

Net-Works is a complex programme, with multiple streams to the narrative. As a pioneering corporate-NGO partnership, there are a number of key stakeholders with diverse communication needs. The system itself is multi-layered and complex, and we were faced with a challenge of being able to tell this story in a way that simplified the core objectives without dumbing down the ideas. Additionally, because of the nature of the partnership, we are scaling the programme and continually charting progress, so we knew that we needed a platform that would enable us to make updates regularly, and share our milestones in visual and engaging ways to the readership.

Tom and Emma have a singular partnership - together, they have a way of getting right to the heart of what we really needed with this platform; the final result addressed the needs of all of our stakeholders and enabled us to lift and share this story globally. Their 'discovery' process is very thorough, and in a surprisingly short amount of time, they had effectively nailed down the core of what we could achieve. Their design aesthetic and attention to detail are top notch, and it is helpful to know that they are constantly looking at the project from a user's perspective. It doesn't hurt that they are also both a joy to work with.

They continue to be fantastic partners, very responsive to the needs of this growing and changing programme, and we are so grateful to have them on board.
Heather Burrell Director, Global Communications and PR - Interface

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