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We were brought in by as a creative lead on an audience segmentation exercise project. Their vast database of users had been segmented into different audiences. We developed email templates which could be easily and efficiently tailored to the individual users based on their personal information and demographic. We also created the “More Money” name and branding and produced a range of different styles for it.

After the templates were created, we worked on the IA for the emails. This is a process normally reserved for large website builds but was essential in structuring the email content in a way which was optimised for each user. Not only in terms of the messaging, but also the way it was structured within the email. Images, copy and the message hierarchy were tailored for each user.

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Considered Creative are a real asset to our extended team – there are approachable and always have a point of view that adds creative value. I can honestly say there are valued reliable partner.
Warren Davey Customer Insight Marketing Manager -

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