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Wildlife Trusts UK

We were approached by the Hampshire & Isle of Wight and Sussex Wildlife Trusts to illustrate and build a couple of games to support their Making Waves project. The first game invites users to “Build their own sea creature” by choosing from a selection of bodies, skin, legs, claws and habitat. Each creature is then rated for its agility, predation and camouflage and can be saved, shared or printed.

The second game allowed users to choose a character and then swim through the ocean avoiding hazards and eating small fish to build up their strength. The levels get progressively faster and more hazardous, but within each level there is a refuge in the form of the Marine Protection Area which has provides a hazard-free environment packed with food.

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We have been very impressed with the creativity and expertise of Considered Creative. We would definitely work with them again and hope to develop similar projects in the future.
David Ireland Wildlife Trusts UK

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