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We’ve been working with ECHO over the past 12 months to create a new brand, communications and website. They have a vast amount of information and resources for those affected by CHD and we needed to find simple, intuitive ways of presenting that content on the website without it becoming confusing or insurmountable for users.

Collating and inputting the content (much of which needed to be re-written) has taken the bulk of the time. The relatively small team at ECHO had their work cut out for them, and we have offered help and expertise along the way to make the transition to the new website as easy and painless as possible for them.

The new website is fully responsive and shows off their new clean and bright branding brilliantly.

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What they have to say about us

Considered Creative have been a pleasure to work with and throughout the project it has felt like they are part of our team. Tom and Emma spent time ensuring they understood the work we do and the needs of the children and families that we support, which was essential to the success of this project. They are excellent at bringing ideas into a visual reality, and we are very happy with the new brand, publications and animations they have produced for us. The project has been a real success and we highly recommend working with Considered.
Siobhan Morton Volunteering & Communications Manager

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